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Having Electrical Issues?

Most mechanical functions nowadays depend on electrical components. Your car is controlled by a complex network of wires, sensors, and computers working together. If communication along these wires is interrupted, it could have major consequences for several components of your vehicle.

If your vehicle seems to be having any electrical problems, the dedicated professionals at EEE Auto Service are ready to hear from you. At EEE Auto Service, we focus on an honest, transparent, service-centered approach that keeps our customers behind the wheel when it comes to the health of their vehicles. We’re ready to assess your car or truck and get you back on the road as quickly, safely, and affordable as possible.

Our Approach to Electrical Issues

Electrical systems are more complicated than ever, but they’re more reliable too, and easier to diagnose and repair with the proper equipment. At EEE Auto Service, we have a full line of manufacturer-certified diagnostic tools. The tools, scanners, and equipment are the same as those used in dealership service departments or better.

Our certified technicians know your car’s electrical components and can diagnose problems quickly and effectively. At EEE Auto Service, we take a serious, targeted approach to pinpoint the problem and minimize the cost of repairs. This means that time is not wasted on guesswork and your wait in the lobby is as short as we can make it. 



Exposed Wiring

Many Check Engine Light Codes At Once

Fuse Box Issues

After Market Parts

Draining Battery



Our experienced automotive technicians are ready to handle your electrical issues. The best way for us to help you is to run a proper diagnostic. Our diagnostic will determine your exact problem.

Once we know what we’re facing, we will offer you the best, most cost-efficient solution. We will walk you through the repair process every step of the way, keeping you informed of the cost, parts needed, and repair turnaround time.

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